4 June 2023

The Adventurers - (Jane) Doesn't Love Me Anymore/ Cheryl's Song


Messy garage rock screamer from Catasauqua, Pennsylvania

Label: Reading
Year of Release: 1967

Collectors and appreciators of sixties garage rock can probably guess exactly what this one sounds like before they even click on the mp3. Droning organ mixed relatively low? Check. Uncertain guitar work bouyed up by enthusiasm and vim rather than technique? Yep. Basic lyrical references to a girl who just isn't paying the singer attention these days, and it's causing him pain? You're good at this, aren't you? Lots of screams, and shouts of "Yeah! Yeah! Weeeooowww!" Of course. It's not as loose, wild or ragged as some examples of the genre I've heard, but it's certainly shot through with energy and glee. 

The Adventurers (and not Adventures as suggested on the label) were from Catasauqua in Pennsylvania, a suburb of Allentown. They had two singles out in the sixties - this one, and "Baby Baby My Heart" in 1966. Neither did very much outside the local area and the band's history is rather sketchy as a result. 

We know that the members consisted of Armedeo Borsetti, Jim Smith, Dave Wagner and Denny Wagner, but in terms of their roles, we can only say with any degree of certainty that Dave Wagner was the bassist, given that he later moved on to the Allentown group The Dooley Invention to pick up four-stringed duties. That group didn't appear to issue any vinyl at the time, but their tracks "Crimson Afternoon" and "No Time" did emerge on the 2005 local CD compilation "Allentown Anglophile". 

So, in typical garage rock fashion, that's it - as much as we (or at least I) know. If you're capable of filling in any blanks, please do let me know.

And if the previews below aren't working properly, obviously please go right to the source.

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