25 September 2008

Another interval

I'm going to let this blog have a bit of a rest for a few days (until Wednesday, I suspect) because I'm being called up to Birmingham for a conference and won't have internet access during that time. Also, things are a bit busy right now...

In the meantime, kindly amuse yourselves with Roger Moore's utterly dreadful single "Where Does Love Go?" above. And to think people hold William Shatner and Peter Wyngarde accountable for all sorts of actor-turned-singer musical crimes - this is as bad as it gets.

Whilst you're at it, do go over to 45junkee's Youtube page which is chockful of curios. Some people think that Youtube clips which just show spinning 45s are a total waste of space, but for me it's often the closest I'll get to actually flipping through somebody's brilliant record collection and putting their singles on, so I can happily waste hours on them. Mr 45junkee's profile is one of the best there is. (He also spits 45 peas through a 45rpm record whilst at an angle of 45 degrees and high on smack, by the way).

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Suzy Norman said... could be anywhere but Rome.