23 September 2008

Fat Truckers - Teenage Daughter/ Multiplex

Fat Truckers

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Cercle Records

It somehow seems wrong to place bands on this blog who came and went within the present decade - perhaps it's premature to assume they won't come back and conquer the world. Also, in most cases, I generally hope that many of them will, however long the odds seem, and don't particularly want to curse them by placing them on a page filled with people who had careers which were rather less remarkable than they should have been. How would you feel if your band were placed next to Harry Corbett's novelty waxings? Hurt, I would suspect. You might even give up entirely.

One band I can only imagine would be thrilled at this prospect are Sheffield's Fat Truckers, however, who came, released a few singles, then went again without any polite explanations. Their peak exposure came whilst supporting Pulp at some large venues for their "We Love Life" tour. When I caught them at the Brixton Academy gig, they were busy alienating half the audience with a fifteen minute long version of "Teenage Daughter", the very single I've uploaded here. The call-and-responses anthem impressed a number of people like me, but also caused some rather negative outcries. They finished their set by flicking Vs at everyone who was being hostile, and waving to everyone who was being appreciative, and when I tried to cheer for an encore, a rather angry man next to me grabbed my arm and told me to stop encouraging them. It was a bit like being told off by your Dad for enjoying your friend's BMX stunt tricks which also incorporated some creative farting.

Fat Truckers were an unusual act, but pretty damn entertaining and not without some solid tunes as well - the Suicide-esque dirge of "Teenage Daughter" can get a bit trying after too many spins, but "Multiplex" is a much more interesting and durable composition. They would have been quite at home on Mute in the early eighties, but even whilst Electroclash went on around them, they were probably a bit too out-of-sorts for the 21st Century.

Their Wikipedia page also seems to be filled with unchallenged lies:

Interestingly, outside of music Rymer is also well known in scouting circles. In 2006 he picked up a lifetime achievement award at London's scouting HQ Baden Powell House for his work with the13th Sheffield cub group where he has held the position of akela since 1999. He dedicates a lot of time to teach the children rock climbing skills on Stanage Edge just to the west of his native Sheffield, however, in 2003 Rymer suffered a severe knee twist while climbing on the edge, an injury which restricted his movements on stage when the band supported Pulp on their UK tour. Fans used to seeing energetic performances from Rymer were disappointed at this problem and it was reported in the NME at the time seven people demanded refunds following the Brixton Academy show. Rymer at the time was massively upset not to be able to give 100% and suffered, briefly, with a bout of depression.

Of course he did.


nuttyxander said...

Excellent. I bought the album having heard Superbike on a french compilation (Colette No.4) which I'd bought because it had a 2 many DJ's mix and LCD Soundsystem's Losing My Edge on it on CD.
Multiplex is excellent.

Fugitive Miscellany said...

Teenage Daughter has a rather electroclash charm to it. I'm going to see how many times I can play it before either (a) my partner shouts at me to turn it off or (b) I can't stand it any longer.

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