30 January 2019

Peter Anathan - No More Love/ Georgia On My Mind

"Northern! Mod Dancer!" the vinyl sellers say. "If you say so", I say.

Label: Fontana
Year of Release: 1966

Once every so often I'm forced to observe collectors enthusing about a single online which I think is just a bit of vaguely enjoyable, serviceable pop and little more. This, I hate to confess, is one of those moments, but rather than ignore it completely I thought it would make sense to upload this single so you could all judge for yourselves.

The A-side "No More Love" is the one causing all the fuss here. Yet another Howard Blaikley composition - did the pair ever stop writing songs, I ask you? - it seemed to have appeared at almost exactly the same time another version emerged on Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich's debut LP. Whereas their version is a slightly quirky but otherwise recognisably DDDBMT-ish affair, Peter Anathan here appears to be trying to make it a dancefloor hit. This has got the same springy, pounding, jiggy swing to it you'd expect of a lot of 66's bigger hits, the trouble is it's hampered by a slightly stiff, formal arrangement. It should fly, but it never quite makes it.

Over on the flip, "Georgia On My Mind" is, of course, a faithful cover of "Georgia On My Mind" and nothing more or less. 

I've no idea who Peter Anathan is, but according to a few online sources he was an Australian singer based in the UK. This naturally begs the question of what his Australian releases were before arriving here, because I can find no evidence of any at all (even this one didn't get an issue down under). Either he was a club singer who scored lucky on these shores but not his home country, or there's something not quite right about this story. Does anyone know? 


Michael Alden said...

I agree with your assessment. I love mid-60s pop but the song just doesn't do it for me either.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks David

Greetings Albert

Richard said...

It looks like he had one other single release on Fontana. See