27 February 2019

The New Jump Band - The Only Kind Of Girl/ Seven Kinds Of Sweet Lovin'

Two swinging sides of mod soul - this really should be hugely collectible by now

Label: Domain
Year of Release: 1968

Just when I think that record collectors everywhere had managed to suss out every last drop of sixties goodness and send the value of records stratospheric, I magically find one more that commands modest prices. 

Side A here, "The Only Kind of Girl", has nudged its way on to some slightly under-the-radar obscurities compilations and can be bought on iTunes - so sorry, no freebies here, though YouTube is also your friend - but it's the flip that really kicks with its smoky Soho basement club grooves. "Seven Kinds of Sweet Lovin'" pounds and blasts its way into your heart, never once dropping the hooky intensity of its performance. The vinyl itself is also cut respectably loud so nobody in the room can be in any doubt about its worth.

The New Jump Band came from Walthamstow in East London, and by the point of this release consisted of Laurie Beazley on lead vocals, Trevor Hubbert on guitar, Al Mayne on organ, John Cushen on bass, George Mugele on tenor sax, Geoff Condon on alto sax, and John Herridge on drums. Such a bloated line-up was obviously necessary for the group to perform soul with the necessary power, but inevitably resulted in an ever-changing personnel which means earlier group line-ups featured almost entirely different members - The Garage Hangover website does an excellent job of unpicking the knots here.

The group mainly played gigs in London and the South East, but despite an impressive array of shows only seem to have this single to show for their existence. It was the debut release on the small independent Domain record label, and like all the product on that short-lived company, it failed to chart. A more organised major might have been able to give this more of a push. As it stands, this is all we have to remember them by.

The most successful ex-member of the group was Geoff Condon, who went on to join Zoot Money's Big Roll Band, and eventually The Alan Price Set. The future activities of the others is not clear. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you David for this rarity

Greetings, Albert

Karl said...

Thanks...I've not got a copy but that's my dad on the tenor sax

Unknown said...

The write up for this was brilliant to read. It's my dad Trevor Hubbert on guitar and the writer of the song. He went on to play guitar with The Specials on the record "A message to you Rudy". After that he went into business with Roy Wiltshire, who was part of the rodeo. Dad was a carpenter and Roy was an electrician and by their leate 20's they had started their business designing and building houses. They then moved to interiors and ran another successful business which is still going today. He retired in his 60s. Roy and dad are still good friends today. Oh he has 2 children, 4 grandchildren and teaches guitar as a hobby.

23 Daves said...

Fantastic! Thanks to both of the New Jump Band's family members for getting in touch.

Unknown said...

The drummer on these records is currently giving me drum lessons. Cool to see what he was apart of.