14 April 2019

Information - Lovely To See You/ Face To The Sun

Registered business/ progressive band attempt Justin Hayward cover for second and final single

Label: Evolution
Year of Release: 1970

This group emerged with the single "Orphan" on the small Beacon label in 1968, and told the world that rather than being a common-or-garden pop group, they were all "company directors" of the "registered business of Information". John Lydon would make a similar brag for Public Image Limited following his split from The Sex Pistols, but clearly this lot beat him to the idea by some margin. 

While the group toured with Hendrix and Manfred Mann and apparently enjoyed endless hi-jinks on the road (including the accidental creation of a forest fire in Germany) their work sold only selectively to niche audiences, and neither single seemed to spark enough enthusiasm in either Beacon or Evolution Records to persuade either party to keep them signed for further releases.

Despite these unpromising signs, the neat cover of  Justin Hayward's "Lovely To See You" on the A-side of this 45 clearly shows a group who had some commercial potential as well as a slightly progressive feel, and the flip "Face To The Sun" has an Animals-esque roughness to it combined with a mournful underground mood. Both are likely to please fans of the kind of music which sat on the cusp of late psychedelia and full-blown prog.

At the point of signing to Beacon, the group consisted of Albie Harrup on guitar, Dave Moir on vocals, Dave Ramsey on drums, John Stewart on rhythm guitar and Clive Yeats on bass. None of them appear to have furthered their recording careers after this single flopped.

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