6 April 2019

(Very) Minor Technical Issues

OK, so I've been getting a number of emails and comments about the fact that the "mp3s aren't working". Rather than dealing with them all individually, which is what I've been doing up until now, it seems to me that it would probably relieve everyone if I just explained what's going on (and updated the FAQ instead of being a lazy tyke).

Nothing is broken. Or, it depends what you mean by "broken". The files are still downloadable, it's just the preview function is sometimes a little bit temperamental the first time you load the page - this is almost certainly due to Box fiddling with their settings and causing minor conflicts rather than anything I've done to the blog. 

THIS IS THE FIX - if when you first land on a new blog entry you can't seem to click on 'play' and hear the mp3, or Side A of a single loads but Side B doesn't (or vice versa) just refresh the page and 90% of the time it will reload successfully. That's it. That's really all you need to do. And of course, if it doesn't reload successfully, refresh again. Think of it as being like a car whose engine won't always start at the first turn of the ignition key. 

In the meantime, I'll try to talk to Box about how we can get this problem fixed, if at all, but it shouldn't be a major obstacle to using the site. I'd love to have a foolproof system I controlled myself, but that would involve server space I don't have the money for and technical skills I don't possess, so we're always going to be dependant on remote file sharing sites who may have occasional hiccups, I'm afraid. 

Any other problems with the files should also be answered in the FAQ. (Hint/tip - it's almost always down to your computer's security settings or your version of flash not being up to date.) 

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