22 June 2008

Inaura - One Million Smiles


Label: Org Records
Year of Release: 1998

Since providing you all with a link to the video for "This Month's Epic" some entries ago, I have been nagging myself to upload the full "One Million Smiles" album Inaura issued on the independent Org Records label in 1998. So, finally, here 'tis.

EMI were supposed to have issued "One Million Smiles" themselves in 1996, but following the total underperformance of the singles issued from it they immediately appeared to get cold feet. For two years after that, it apparently remained locked in the vaults where it may have remained for good had Org not stepped in to rescue the project. By the time they issued the album, however, whatever interest anyone had in Inaura had totally disappeared, and it was left to bellyflop on to record store shelves in 1998 two whole years after the last single from it had emerged. The subsequent public disinterest surely surprised nobody. If EMI's marketing muscle hadn't persuaded the world about Inaura's worth, then what was a tiny indie going to achieve years after the band had even last been in the mainstream music press?

Inaura's career was actually a very unfortunate case of multiple mistakes. For starters, they were launched as being part of the ill-fated Romo scene in the mid-nineties. Romo was an eighties pop revivalist movement launched by Melody Maker which was supposed to take over the waning lead Britpop had shown the country. Sadly, despite involving a shedload of interesting eccentrics and pretentious buffoons who would certainly have livened up the rather dour meat-and-potatoes music scene of the time, the majority of them really didn't deliver the goods musically, and the scene was quickly buried after a showcase tour which the public chose to completely ignore. Sadly for Inaura, not only were they left off the showcase (instead being given a nationwide support slot with The Human League) they were also one of the only bands amongst it who were astonishing live and also knew their way around a tune - a case of "the exception which proves the rule".

Their second mistake was to release the eight minute long "This Month's Epic" as the debut single, launching their career on a very overblown, dramatic flourish which subsequently gained absolutely no airplay, and aggravated the earthy, laddish music press of the time. Although I happen to think "This Month's Epic" is actually one of the finest singles issued in the mid-nineties, they perhaps could have waited until they'd slipped into the public's consciousness with something a bit more snappy. After all, they had snappy pop tunes by the bundle - "Soap Opera" and "Desire" on this album prove that conclusively.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, their ideas of mixing alternative guitar rock, eighties synthpop and burbling dance music influences were actually extremely ahead of their time, even if they were accused of being retro in the nineties. Whilst we now think nothing of seeing stylish, electronic, New Order referencing and eighties worshipping bands in the charts, in 1996 it was deemed to be a tiny bit silly (unless you were Garbage, for some reason). So, despite involving an ex-member of Magazine (Dave Formula) and despite it being a bright, shining piece of pop with a credible production team behind it, the band were ultimately always doomed to fail. Sometimes the first person through the thicket is the one who gets his eyes scratched out, whilst leaving the path clear for other people to follow.

I'm always pleased when I see this album being referenced online as "ahead of its time", and I hope that people will begin to wake up to it more over the coming years. I don't hold out hope for an Inaura reformation, but I certainly hope that their work brings pleasure to a wider audience eventually.


1. 100 Degrees
2. Virus
3. Soap Opera
4. This Month's Epic
5. Desire
6. One Million Smiles
7. 2-5 am
8. Coma Aroma
9. Las Vegas Leg
10. 90's Itch
11. Sense


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Ciarán Gaynor said...

Wow, brings back memories! I remember taping the video for this off The Chart Show. They definitely had Duran Duran in mind when they made that one, on a speedboat, in south east Asia, if memory serves... Oddly, In Aura seemed to get their best press not from romo-championing Melody Maker, but from the revamped Raw Magazine. By 1995 that had been "re-positioned" to cash in on the britpop boom. Both "This Month's Epic" and "Soap Opera" got rave reviews (although the critic did wonder allowed "Why is he singing 'shake it like a donkey!" throughout?").

I managed to buy "This Month's Epic" when that came out but never saw another In Aura record in the shops. And I so wanted them to be my new favourite band (alongside Orlando) in 1996. Believe me, I would have been a fully paid up romo if I'd had the chance, even though I was 18 in 1995 and therefore ought to have been beyond all that dressing up malarkey. Mind you, weren't some romos incredibly crusty? One of Sexus was definitely in his thirties.

Delighted to get the chance to listen to this album, even if it is 12 years later than it should have been. Remind me to upload some Orlando won't you.

23 Daves said...

Yes Ciaran, please do upload Orlando's album - I was never totally sold on them, I must admit, but would like to have the opportunity to hear more than just their singles.

If I remember correctly, a poll done by some PR company found that InAura had received the most positive reviews from the student press as well, so it wasn't just Raw magazine who were interested in them. MM and NME seemed rather at odds with grass roots opinion.

Oh and rickdog - thanks, if you're still here.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

My dad is the drummer!

Unknown said...

Technically, EMI released the record. I bought it in Paris in 1997 at the Virgin in Champs Elisées. It was released through EMI subsidiaries, but it definitely saw the light of the day. I was immediatly hooked and got also some of the singles, then bought some additional copies through Org records when they were selling it cheap.
While the record itself is the same, the booklet for the EMI release is richer (more pages, photo and lyrics). I still have copies of both versions...
I still hope some day they will reform: they were a great band!

Steve L said...

Another fantastic band! I bought The single on cd and 10" and was horrified that it wasn't a hit. All their songs were great and it is a real shame they didn't continue and release more albums. I think they would have hit it big with another release or two.

Stephen said...

Hey there, love the blog!

Not sure if anyone is reading this article but wanted to share that the Inaura record 'One Million Smiles' has finally made it to all streaming platforms, and is going to be followed by all the singles very soon (once we find a CD player to turn them all into lovely digital files lol).

Peace x