11 June 2008

>> YouTube Update <<

When I started this blog, the original intention was to include YouTube clips of the artists mentioned as well as the MP3s wherever possible. Whilst a band's visual identity is obviously not essential to understand or appreciate their music, in some cases it does add a certain something.

The trouble is that YouTube is by no means ever a finished product, and sometimes videos appear mere weeks after I've written an entry rather than before. And on other occasions, of course, I've been rather slack at digging the goodies up. In the former category are Animals That Swim, a band who until last week had no YouTube videos available at all, but now one kind individual has uploaded "Faded Glamour" from their 1996 Chart Show appearance:

If anyone has the full video for this, or even other Animals That Swim video material, I'd love to see it.

A few months back I also mentioned The Lover Speaks "No More I Love Yous", a track which utterly divided opinion. Perhaps the video can divide opinion a bit more, because lo and behold, it's up on YouTube:

And whilst Simon Cowell has very little to do with "Left and to the Back" at all, I did tease everyone by mentioning his past as Wonderdog, a novelty artist in a giant dog costume. Footage of him being interviewed in this guise has turned up online, and it's delightful to see how much Wonderdog shares both his looks and bodily postures. Here's hoping he doesn't piss up lamp-posts as well, eh readers?


Cocktails said...

That The Lover Speaks track is great - don't understand how it was controversial (unless you're a complete music snob).

The Simon Cowell stuff is not so great...

23 Daves said...

A number of my real-life friends felt that it was a wee bit too slick and cynical, I think. I've always liked it, though.

I'm referring to The Lover Speaks here, incidentally, not Mr Cowell.