5 May 2021

Dennis Conoley - So Ashamed/ Don't Ever Leave Me

Steve Harley produced pop contender 

Label: Pye
Year of Release: 1975

While Steve Harley is generally more appreciated for his own work these days, it's a little-known fact that he has acted as producer for a number of acts as well. He was a big enough name to offer potential bumps to the careers of Dutch singers Yvonne Keeley and Patricia Paay in the UK, for instance, but sadly while his involvement may have increased their music press presence, none of their records were hits here as a result.

Dennis Conoley was another client of Harley's in 1975, and while Conoley would eventually have more success as a songwriter and studio manager, this single also slipped out. It's an interesting record which starts off sounding like a woebegone keyboard driven ballad best suited to late night solo taxi rides home, before gradually hitting a glammish stride. The influence of Harley can be strongly felt throughout and arguably prevents the track from getting too mired in its own depressive, regretful streak - it's neatly produced and knows exactly when to shift the dynamics to enable Conoley's ideas more space to express themselves. 

Sadly, this was his only single for Pye and while he continued recording, he was able to find more success as a songwriter and by owning the Purple Studios recording complex. He eventually wrote "Ten Minutes On A Tuesday Afternoon In Buffalo" for Billy Ray Martin, which takes a similar tack to "So Ashamed" but shoves it through a distinct electronic filter.

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