26 May 2021

Reupload - Ryder - Ain't That Nice/ Sugar Mama

Smooth and slippery funky rock which is far better than you'd expect

Label: Cube Records
Year of Release: 1974

Once again, I'm sorry to tell you that I haven't a clue who Ryder were (or Ryder is, assuming that it's the name of a person rather than a group). I'm absolutely positive they weren't the same Ryder who represented the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1986, though... and nor is it Steve Ryder who rather confusingly also had a different record out called "Ain't It Nice".  Beyond that, I have no information to give you. 

A shame, because "Ain't That Nice" is a smooth and cocksure bit of rock 'n' funk which slithers around your turntable like a conga eel. Seemingly dealing with one particular gentleman's unfortunate experiences with the ladies, it's a very simple but highly funky piece of work which has never really picked up much recognition from collectors. While nothing about it screams "hit single", it's a strong and sultry release which deserves better than the low price tags it's been going for.

If you know who was responsible for this record - and I suspect it may have been a studio aggregation rather than a proper group as such - please do let me know. 

If you can't preview the tracks below properly, please go right to the source



rntcj said...


Thanx for the reupload. A "new" artist = "new" hears here. No further info. found about Ryder. Actually prefer "B" side for its Glam/Boogie sound.

Ciao! For now.

jhendrix110 said...

It sounds like the credited songwriter, Steve Royal. Compare with an earlier single of his on YT:

23 Daves said...

You could very well have a point....