15 May 2021

Left and to the Back Discogs store is back online

You'll probably be thrilled beyond measure to know that the "Left and to the Back" Discogs shop is now back online.

I temporarily closed it back in April 2020 when the Covid-19 restrictions began to kick in, after an unfortunate experience in the local Post Office where a young lady appeared to be hacking her lungs up and having breathing difficulties while I queued directly behind. "Sod this for a game of soldiers," I thought, and came home and decided to cease selling for a bit. I'm not particularly keen on spending time in an ICU unit just so I can sell a rare Waterproof Candle single for £18. 

Since that time, things seem to have calmed down enough that I feel safe enough setting foot in the local Post Office regularly again and - who knows! - perhaps I'll never be particularly worried again. So I'm back. And I'll continue adding records for sale whenever I get time, so keep an eye on the latest stock.

Unfortunately, due to prohibitive postal rates and confusing tax situations, I'm not shipping to the EU or USA anymore. That may change as soon as I get my head around things (the postage situation to the EU is unbelievably confusing post-Brexit in particular).  

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