6 June 2021

Jacqueline - Some Fine Day/ Do I Love You


Tremeloes produced mystery one-off 45 

Label: CBS
Year of Release: 1972

I've said this many, many times before on this blog, but mystery solo female artists litter the label discographies of the sixties like flytipped furniture on an East London side street (although most are more pleasant to come across than that). In their quest to find the next Lulu, Sandie Shaw or Cilla Black, labels signed numerous women to quickie deals which sometimes only offered them a single or two to prove they had what it took. Most inevitably didn't, or if they did, the deals weren't generous enough to allow them to prove it.

By the seventies things had improved somewhat, so it was surprising to find a 45 by this one-single wonder who has become nigh-on untraceable. Going only by the name Jacqueline, with no surname to aid our search, I don't expect to find out who the artist was and what else she did anytime soon. Nonetheless, this production was overseen by Alan Blakley and Len Hawkes of The Tremeloes, meaning that clearly she was given a lot of studio attention by two decent stars of the time.

Somewhat surprisingly, while it's possible to hear traces of "Yellow River" about "Some Fine Day", overall the track feels like a sixties throwback, a basic, chirpy, top-heavy pop stomper at a point where tastes were beginning to get more sophisticated. It has a celebratory air to it and, perhaps more unusually towards the end, some slightly Match Of The Day styled brass fanfares. Solid, likeable and lovely, but not the stuff chart revolutions or new beginnings are made of. 

If you know who Jacqueline was, leave a comment. It may very well be she released other material under her full name, either earlier or later than this. 

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Doctor Gaz said...

now that is interesting. The Rock Candy version of this song (A side of Magic Horse) spent the duration on Grumpy's Golden Oldies wants list and to my knowledge still hasn't reached YT status.

oldies1 said...

What a nice surprise !

Doctor Gaz said...

just a long shot, the vocals are very reminiscent of those on Riverbank - Summer Is The Season. I did notice that the release date for both the Rock Candy & Jacqueline versions are apparently exactly the same...hmmm

23 Daves said...

Interesting point, Doctor Gaz... it could be the same vocalist.

The Rock Candy and Jacqueline release dates coinciding seems like another case of different record labels releasing the same song by different artists and seeing who comes out the winner - as is often the case, nobody does well out of it!

Doctor Gaz said...

45cat says that Riverbank's vocalist is Audrey Hall usually a reggae artist, oh well back to the drawing board

Michael Alden said...

Tough one to find. I've been looking for a reasonably priced copy for a while now.

Michael Alden said...

I like the Rock Candy version of the song better.