15 June 2021

The End of the Email Alerts

It looks as if Blogger will be ending email alerts for all blogs at the end of this month, meaning anyone who wants to receive an alert about a new entry on this blog - which, flatteringly enough, huge numbers of you have opted to do over the years - can't. Well, not through that method at least.

If you rely on getting that regular email to tell you a new entry has gone live, contact me with your details and I'll see what else I can sort out. I'm not guaranteeing an immediate solution but I'll certainly see if I can get something put in place shortly.

I generally whine and bitch when websites and apps reduce their functionality for no good reason, but all that tends to get me is emails saying "Hey, we hear you! But I think we can still collectively appreciate the brilliance of what we otherwise offer!" so let's not prod the corporate misery puppies to lick our faces yet again. I know when I'm beaten. 

Alternatively, as a general rule, entries on "Left and to the Back" usually go live on Wednesday and Sunday mornings at 8am Greenwich Mean Time, so you could all just remember that. Sometimes I'll have extra entries in a week where I've got lots to say, or I'll be late on a week where life has been somewhat complicated, but the rule of thumb is a good one. 

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