30 June 2021

Robert Peters - Fun Lovin' Kind/ A Climber

Chipper, zippy piece of sixties pop which has fallen into hopeless obscurity

Label: Parlophone
Year of Release: 1966

Well, here's a truly baffling find. "Fun Lovin' Kind" wasn't completely ignored at the time, managing to pick up enthusiastic Radio London airplay, but its sales were abysmal and subsequently it seems to have disappeared from the memory banks of the general public (and certainly the internet). Proof, if proof were needed, that airplay hits tend not to generate the kind of affection that bona-fide sales hits do.

"Fun Lovin' Kind" veers towards the swinging Carnaby Street end of middle-of-the-road pop, having a zinging, hurried arrangement and a likeable bounce. Peters' voice is wry and knowing, though his accent suggests that he may not have been English (some of the pronunciations here sound slightly Dutch?) It's not the kind of 45 which would find favour with the mod set and nor does it usher in the new psychedelic era, but it's an interesting example of what else was happening in 1966.

If anyone knows anything more about Robert Peters, let me know. So far as I can see, he had one follow-up single in 1967 ("Somewhere In The Sun", also on Parlophone) before disappearing, but I would imagine he did go on to produce other work. 

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Pete said...

Quite a find. This is the first of the two singles Peters (not to be confused with the Australian Robbie Peters) recorded for Parlophone. Thanks!

Doctor Gaz said...

you can imagine them taking dead aim at the offshore pirates with this one

23 Daves said...

Absolutely! EMI payola money thrust into the hands of Radio London.